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screenshot smorgasbord, elevators

Slowly but surely, scriptable objects (like elevators) are being incorporated into the engine. Here are some new screens, reflecting changes in lighting and modeling. Also, the new elevator shaft rooms are visible. (Wolfgang discovered the ceiling pillars that go on forever.)

Technical: Depth buffer in OpenGL

I just thought I’d post this up here, in case other people had the same problem. The Megastrata project started out like any other first-time project: cobbled together from examples found on the internet. One of the long-standing traditions regarding development involve the so-called “hack-n-slash” technique: smash the code around until it works. Megastrata started […]

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Collisions and Cosmetics – v1.87

Version 1.87 released: as usual, to be found on the information page. Major changes in this version include a newer, less degenerate collision engine. The player now collides with surfaces, instead being manually bound to a certain volume. Also, steps have been taken towards making the corridors more visually interesting. This means adding chamfering to […]

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