official megastrata hiatus

This project has come further than any other of the previous attempts. Similarly, it has been a fantastic learning experience so far. Unfortunately, a conceptual blockade has emerged for various reasons, among them Sloth and Pride. However, the idea has been around for years now, and it will reincarnate better than ever. Maybe next time […]

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Elevated – v1.88

After starting year 2 of physics at TAU, it’s been hard to find time for anything other than schoolwork or zoning out. It’s been more than a month since last code update, and not much has improved. Elevators are now usable, complete with internal colliding surfaces. Most of the development has been trying to fix […]

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screenshot smorgasbord, elevators

Slowly but surely, scriptable objects (like elevators) are being incorporated into the engine. Here are some new screens, reflecting changes in lighting and modeling. Also, the new elevator shaft rooms are visible. (Wolfgang discovered the ceiling pillars that go on forever.)

Collisions and Cosmetics – v1.87

Version 1.87 released: as usual, to be found on the information page. Major changes in this version include a newer, less degenerate collision engine. The player now collides with surfaces, instead being manually bound to a certain volume. Also, steps have been taken towards making the corridors more visually interesting. This means adding chamfering to […]

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Version 1.86 Released, corridor-enabled

Collisions are coming together, even if they are simplistic. This means we can now explore an infinitely-generated space, full of corridors and rooms. The latest version has been uploaded, the very same one from the teaser vid. Please note that there are disabled stubs for working with ffmpeg, but I decided it was far too […]

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Megastrata teaser video

Despite the patina of silence, the NoiseViewer project has been progressing in leaps and bounds these past few weeks. The internal modeling has begun to take shape, and it is actually possible to start exploring a few of these endless corridors. The name has gradually started becoming “Megastrata”, as it morphs away from being an […]

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Concept and design – a patchwork approach

In lieu of proper concept artwork or mock designs for a potential finished project, putting together photos discovered on Flickr has become a windfall of concept design. Using Flickr’s new Gallery feature, I have put together a few megastructure explorations. These are built from other users’ photos, but represent a larger structure that crosses space […]

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dev twitter account

Follow up-to-date tweets on the development of the NoiseViewer and other Megastructure projects on Twitter with @megastrata.

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