The creative veil

A while ago, I watched a video where a pleasant man explained how humans tend to increase their abilities until they are “good enough” in any given field, afterwards they tend to stop improving. He called this the “OK Plateau”. One of the suggested methods to conquer this plateau is to try and appreciate the […]

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Nostalgia: Late 90s

I recently rediscovered George Buckenham’s amazing Games We Have Known and Loved, where he collects concise recordings of people talking about their favorite moments in games. It’s remarkable how so many different people can experience the same game in such different ways. Listening to some of the accounts reminded me of a game that I […]

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Eli News Update

== — == we interrupt this broadcast for a special news bulletin == — == This year I will be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. All arrangements have been booked, and I will arrive a few days earlier to poke around the city and meet with family and friends. If you […]

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WorstQuest: The Quest for the Worst Game

Nobody sets out to make a game with the goal of creating the worst game they have ever made. Or do they? This past week, some 35 developers attempted to do just that, spurred on by the 25th Mini-Ludum Dare competition, “The Worst Game I Have Ever Made”. The competition, hosted by the elusive MrDude, […]

official megastrata hiatus

This project has come further than any other of the previous attempts. Similarly, it has been a fantastic learning experience so far. Unfortunately, a conceptual blockade has emerged for various reasons, among them Sloth and Pride. However, the idea has been around for years now, and it will reincarnate better than ever. Maybe next time […]

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