Expression through play

Among some recent thoughts I’ve been having is the idea that “play” is more important than “game”. When you play with a system, or with people, you engage in a testing of boundaries, an exploration of the configuration space. A game is just one kind of system supporting such an activity.

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Leaving Satisfactoria – Ludum Dare #16

My entry for the 16th Ludum Dare 48-hour game creation competition. This competition was themed “Exploration”. Download Get the competition version here: Leaving Satisfactoria – exe and (10,142 KB – Windows .exe and full source) alternative download Leaving (328 KB – full source, needs pygame [see below])

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screenshot smorgasbord, elevators

Slowly but surely, scriptable objects (like elevators) are being incorporated into the engine. Here are some new screens, reflecting changes in lighting and modeling. Also, the new elevator shaft rooms are visible. (Wolfgang discovered the ceiling pillars that go on forever.)