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8tracks – Airborne Megastructure Cascade

Thirteen tracks of rocket-powered machinery piloted by a faceless android, sometimes gliding past on hot-air currents.    

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Player Non-Player Characters

They stroll the alleyways, sit upon thrones, lurk in dark caves, and ply their wares in every item shop. Non-Player Characters make up a good fraction of the game population. In effect, these representatives are the face of the game world for the player. In contrast to enemies, the main verbs available to these individuals […]

8tracks – Rewiring the Megastructure

– BEGIN TRANSMISSION – REQUEST: hard-wiring of telecommunication infrastructure in local sectors 53.A, 53.C, 53.D. CAUSE: recent class III cataclysmic failure. ATTACHED: 14 encoded audio carriers of nominal data for heuristic development. – END TRANSMISSION –     Including tracks by: Sleepy Town Manufacture Global Communication Akufen Telefon Tel Aviv Charles Webster Juno Reactor … […]

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The Legend of Old Man – Ludum Dare #20

This is my entry for the 20th Ludum Dare 48-hour game competition. The theme was “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” Screenshots: Play The Legend of Old Man after the jump.