Retrospective: B.Sc. Edition

Note: this is a Very Long Post. About a year ago, I finished the last semester of my Physics degree at Tel Aviv University. A few scary exams and written projects later, and I had completed my requirements. Two days ago, they announced a Higgs-like particle observed at the LHC. Yesterday, I received notice that […]

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Genetic Creatures

EDIT: fixed Dropbox link to sources & PDF. Thanks Mike! As an elective course taken in order to fulfill requirements to complete my B.Sc., I took the course Introduction to Computational Physics, taught by Professor Karliner at Tel Aviv University. The course was a mash-up of many interesting computational techniques, most of which are used […]

Entropy, consciousness and sense of time

Like gravity that tells us which way is “up”, entropy is said to tell us which way is “future”. But unlike gravity, which is a nearly-constant acceleration acting upon us, entropy is a property of relatively large systems. So can we “feel” entropy?

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Rocket Research

Rocket Research is an experiment that became a much larger project than its actual size. It’s too big a game to be given the small scope I gave it, and the idea is too small to warrant expanding the scope. The concept stems from my experiences studying physics, specifically the schism between the real world […]

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