official megastrata hiatus

This project has come further than any other of the previous attempts. Similarly, it has been a fantastic learning experience so far. Unfortunately, a conceptual blockade has emerged for various reasons, among them Sloth and Pride.

However, the idea has been around for years now, and it will reincarnate better than ever. Maybe next time a less lofty goal will be chosen, and the project may attain a feeling of completeness. I believe I may have reached too high in this current cycle, and constantly straining my neck looking at the goals is frustrating and discouraging.

For now, there are some other projects that demand pursuing. Rest assured that the Megastructure will return; because the truth is, it never ceased existing to begin with.

This blog will continue to exist as a development log, as well as @megastrata. I am participating in Ludum Dare #16 this weekend, under the name eli.

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