The Legend of Old Man – Ludum Dare #20

This is my entry for the 20th Ludum Dare 48-hour game competition. The theme was “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Play The Legend of Old Man after the jump.


Play using the arrow keys (you can also jump with X or the spacebar). Type when prompted, and please excuse the terrible dictionary – it’s the best I could do during the short competition.

Here is the game – you might need to click on it to give it focus.



See original entry page for voting and more details.

Also available: complete source to this project.

The Legend of Old Man was built in Flixel, using the FlashDevelop IDE. Photoshop and GraphicsGale provided drawing tools, and Tiled was the map editor. I used a short Ruby script (included in source) in order to help compile the word list. FL Studio was used for the “music”, and I used Audacity and Increpare’s lovely bfxr for the sound effects.


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  1. […] the competition entries dealt with this famous Old Man scene, from all sorts of different angles. My take on the concept was to assume control of the Old Man himself, rushing from cave to cave and dispensing both crucial […]

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