Mt. Brawlalot – competition results

Audio: 8th place

Humor: 10th place

Everything else: wayyyyy out there!

This game was definitely not innovative. Innovation was not one of my goals this time around – mostly because of the theme (“Enemies as weapons”). Another excuse I have for not being innovative was my worry that I wouldn’t manage using the Unity platform, so I decided to keep it simple.

Similarly, I did not intend to put much into graphics, and the game looks appropriately. Nothing is animated, the textures are ill-fitting and simpleminded, and basically everything is a barely-modified box or sphere. (The audio, however, came out pretty much as I hoped.)

One of the goals for this competition was to make a fun, humorous game. I went for light-hearted sounds and flavor text, instead of the heavier, mysterious atmosphere from You are me now. The feedback tells me I succeeded in making it lighter and funnier.

However, the big lesson I learned here was that “funny” does not mean “fun”. Most responses to the game were positive when it came to their initial reaction, but the controls were so bad that nobody could actually bear playing it more than one or two rounds.

(See feedback on the entry page.)

And so we arrive at my weakest point of all: control schemes. All three of my attempts at the Ludum Dare competition have resulted in badly-controlled games. This is something I should work on before the next competition.

Thanks to everyone who played my game, I hope to make something better next time.

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