NoiseViewer Version 1.8: leaping to the third dimension

The NoiseViewer has been improved once again. Today’s version brings 3D pattern generation capability. Albeit a simple implementation, but nonetheless a start.

Building in 3D is available by choosing the “Boxes” layer type, and clicking “Change base”. (Boxes are not available as a sub-layer.) Here is a screenshot of the boxes in action. Here, their widths are controlled by an underlying Noise layer:
Improved noise-driven boxes

And here, we see noise driving two variables: width and height. This demonstrates how future layers will have a multitude of variables, each allowing a plug-in style approach to building complex patterns.

Improved noise-driven boxes with height

This version has also been built in Release mode for the first time (Windows). Among other things, performance gains a significant boost.

A great deal of code has been refactored, including the XML writer/reader. Please note that older XML files will not load in this version.

In order to download this latest version, see the information and download page.

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