NoiseViewer version 1

The NoiseViewer is a simple program that lets you explore a two-dimensional noise map generated in real-time. This is a preliminary tool designed to be a starting point for mapping out and viewing procedural content. I hope to make the NoiseViewer more and more sophisticated as layers of noise and objects start stacking up.

NoiseViewer v1.0 screenshot

This is terribly preliminary!

From what I understand of the licenses, I am allowed to use these libraries. Please understand that the code and programs linked to below are provided “as-is”. Also note that running any program found on the internet carries risk, and the responsible user always scans for viruses, etc.

Click and drag to pan around the noise. CTRL+click-and-drag up and down adjusts the zoom level. Shift+click-and-drag adjusts the noise cutoff point.

Compiled executable (Windows, ~266KB):

Source code, libraries and projects (Visual Studio 2008, ~1,456KB):

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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