Circles and Squares

Overview of version 1.6

Hello, and welcome to version 1.6 of the famous NoiseViewer. This “release” has a number of new and amazing surprises. For instance: thanks to the TinyXML library, now you can save and load your creative patterns to an XML file (not yet supported on OS X).

Also, new layer types are starting to emerge. Not only can you mix layers of noise, but now infinite planes of circles and squares have stepped into the ring!

Here are some trippy circles, made by using noise as the input for the radii of the circles:

trippy circlesThis will probably change in the near future (ie. it will break). But I like how it pans. You can view this yourself by importing the XML that describes it:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<Layer TypeID="2" x="5.288616" y="-5.674968" zoomx="21.007694" zoomy="21.007694">
<Variable name="Radius" MaxValue="10.000000" MinValue="0.001000" OverrideValue="2.000000">
<Layer TypeID="0" x="0.507875" y="-1.262280" zoomx="3.183013" zoomy="3.183013">
<Variable name="Cutoff" MaxValue="1.000000" MinValue="-1.000000" OverrideValue="0.500000" />
<Variable name="Spacing" MaxValue="10.000000" MinValue="0.001000" OverrideValue="2.000000" />

Or, you can download the XML here: Trippy circles.xml

Features on the way

The upcoming immediate goals are:

Standard boilerplate

From what I understand of the licenses, I am allowed to use these libraries. Please understand that the code and programs linked to below are provided “as-is”. Also note that running any program found on the internet carries risk, and the responsible user always scans for viruses, etc.

Click and drag to pan around the noise. CTRL+click-and-drag up and down adjusts the zoom level. Shift+click-and-drag adjusts the noise cutoff point.

Compiled executable (Windows, ~379KB):

Source code, libraries and projects (Visual Studio 2008/OS X, ~4,376KB):

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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