NoiseViewer, version 1.75

Overview of version 1.75

Certain breakthroughs have led us to a plethora of new and amazing noise! We have made the leap from continuous noise to discrete noise patterns, which will help us later.

Here is a nice island, which is trivial to make in the latest version:

nice islands


And here are some shots of discrete noise:




Discrete layers (like the squares and circles) are exciting because they represent actual structural entities in the future Megastructure simulation.

And if that wasn’t enough for this version, Wolfgang fixed XML input and output on OS X, as well as a number of annoying visual bugs! Due to a “CTRL” button issue on mac, we also added right-click as an alternative way to zoom in and out of the image.

Features on the way

The upcoming immediate goals are:

Standard boilerplate

From what I understand of the licenses, I am allowed to use these libraries. Please understand that the code and programs linked to below are provided “as-is”. Also note that running any program found on the internet carries risk, and the responsible user always scans for viruses, etc.

Click and drag to pan the current layer. Right-click-drag or CTRL+click-and-drag adjusts the zoom level. Shift+click-and-drag adjusts the current layer’s selected parameter.

Compiled executable (Windows, ~379KB):

Source code, libraries and projects (Visual Studio 2008/OS X, ~4,277KB):

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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