NoiseViewer – version 1.5

The NoiseViewer project has been progressing slowly but surely. This new version paves the way for sub-layers to control variables in higher layers of noise.

For instance, you assign an “input” layer to define the changing cutoff value for every point in the top layer. Here is a screenshot illustrating this feature in action:

Layered noise, using a sub-layer to control cutoff

This version also fixes a number of stability issues. The code is much cleaner, though still not as readable as I would like.

Furthermore, this release is notable for compatibility with OS X. Mac compatibility was graciously added/fixed/tweaked by Wolfgang, and all relevant project files can be found in the source package under the “osx” directory. Thanks, Wolfgang!

From what I understand of the licenses, I am allowed to use these libraries. Please understand that the code and programs linked to below are provided “as-is”. Also note that running any program found on the internet carries risk, and the responsible user always scans for viruses, etc.

Click and drag to pan around the noise. CTRL+click-and-drag up and down adjusts the zoom level. Shift+click-and-drag adjusts the noise cutoff point.

Compiled executable (Windows, ~339KB):

Source code, libraries and projects (Visual Studio 2008/OS X, ~3,571KB):

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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